I went on a canoe trip 3 years ago with some friends, and one of them brought one of these with him, and using it made cleaning up after a meal so much easier! So I ended up asking for one for christmas, and since then, many of my family members have also gotten them as presents too.

I know this is not quite the normal product review (it’s not the newest Arc’teryx ski jacket or anything), but I like it, so I wanted to tell people about it.


Weight 12g
Size 8.6cm x 5.3cm
Price $6 CAD
Manufacturer Page Link

About the Scraper

GSI Compact Scraper

It’s pretty basic, just a two sided scraper with a soft silicone side and a hard plasic side. This makes them perfect for cleaning the last bit of oatmeal from your bowl, or scraping the burnt/frozen food from the pot before you wash it. I find it to be much easier to use in the backcountry than a washcloth and soap (especially because soap is frowned upon in many places).

It’s nice and light (at only 12g) and super easy to pack away, I just tend to throw it in the pot or bowl before I put it in my pack.

The scraper actually has a really good shape that allows it to get the straight sides of post, the little corner nooks and the curved sides of bowls. It doesn’t work so well if you’ve got a dented pot, but then again, I’m not sure any scraper is going to work well on a dented pot.

Where to buy

MEC $5.95 https://www.mec.ca/en/product/5013-050/Compact-Scraper
VPO $6.95 https://vpo.ca/product/185865/compact-scraper
GSI $4.95 USD https://gsioutdoors.com/can/compact-scraper.html

I also think you can get them at SAIL, but I can’t find them individually on their website.

These aren’t affiliate links or anything. I make no money from anyone clicking them or buying through them.

I bought this product through normal retail channels at full price (or maybe on sale), but I for sure didn’t get a discount for writing a review or anything. I hae no affiliation with the manufacturer. This review is just my opinion and I wrote it down because I feel like it.