Has this ever been you? Eating your first breakfast on the trail, when BOOM your plastic spoon breaks! The worst! Now how are you going to eat your oatmeal and cold soaked beans?

A sad person with a broken plastic spoon.


Weight ~20g
Size ~22cm long
Price $12-20 CAD
Manufacturer Page Toaks Link
Manufacturer Page Sea to Summit Link

About the Spoons

The Toaks Titanium Spoon and Sea to Summit Alpha Light spoons

What we’ve got here are two long handled spoons, one titanium, one aluminum. In the end, they both are spoons and both let you eat food, but titanium is way cooler, so obviously that spoon is better!

When you eat with them they can be almost comically long, but that has its advantages. That length though is very nice when you’re trying to get the last of the meal from the bottom of the pot (or plasic bag if you’re a cold soaker).

I don’t think the titanium spoon is all that different from its aluminum sibling. They’ll probably both last a long time and both weight about the same. Maybe if you’re a real gram weenie you’ll choose one over the other, but if that’s the case, you’ll probably go plastic anyways because of the weight savings. Just make sure you remove that biner on the end of the Sea to Summit one to save weight.

Eating my tasty oatmeal with my favourite spoon

Where to buy

MEC $11.95 https://www.mec.ca/en/product/6006-873/Alpha-Light-Long-Handled-Spoon
VPO $11.95 https://vpo.ca/product/234041/alpha-light-long-spoon
Sail $11.99 https://www.sail.ca/en/sea-to-summit-alphalight-long-spoon-98820-3417150001
Toaks $10.95 USD https://www.toaksoutdoor.com/products/slv-11
Amazon $18.50 https://www.amazon.ca/TOAKS-Titanium-Handle-Spoon-Polished/dp/B00J1BV01C

These aren’t affiliate links or anything. I make no money from anyone clicking them or buying through them.

I bought this product through normal retail channels at full price (or maybe on sale), but I for sure didn’t get a discount for writing a review or anything. I hae no affiliation with the manufacturer. This review is just my opinion and I wrote it down because I feel like it.