Welcome to our blog? Website? Novel? Story-time? Documentary? Whatever this is, welcome!

This thing is meant to be a platform where we can share our stories and experiences in the outdoors. We’re just normal, crazy, every day people that love being outside. If we can inspire others to explore and see more of the world, be it the backyard, local sites, or those remote and magical places that are beyond words, that’s enough for us. Better, if we can make you laugh, that’s a win.

Who are we?

Ah, good question. Besides being adventure buddies and partners, we are students (soon-to-be adults), hard-workers, positive thinkers (most of the time), planners, doers, and adventurous souls. If you want to know more though, we’ve included a few random tid-bits down below - and we mean random!

Vanessa - Nessa for short Isaac - Isaac for short
Lover of chocolate, tea, and mashed potatoes (really just potatoes in general) Makes amazing mashed potatoes
Perpetual popsicle and crazy klutz - accident-prone is my middle name Basically a space heater
Dreams of popularizing mid-run dances in the honour of all dogs Fluent in only one language (but wishes that number was higher)
Resident spice girl in the kitchen Possibly more machine than man
Birthday card queen A member of the COVID quarantine beard club

Are you still onboard?

Even after reading that overwhelming amount of weird? If so we’re glad to have you on our side - we’re both a little topsy turvy, but the best people are!

We hope you enjoy our crazy antics and help us continue to expand the outdoor community. We look forward connecting with you all and sharing our stories! Let the fun and epic times begin!